Ob/Gyn SEO

As an ObGyn practice you have a great opportunity to reach potential patients at the start of the decision process. Whether is a woman who just found out she was pregnant and starts researching pregnancy (4,400 searches a month in the Indianapolis metro area) or looking for a due date calculator (another 4,400 searches a month) Maybe they are looking at early signs of pregnancy (2,900 searches a month) or pregnancy symptoms (1,900 searches) because they just suspect they are pregnant. By being the source of education to those searchers you become Dr. Google giving you a serious leg up on other practices. There are 1,900 searches a month for Gynecologist, Hysterectomy & menopause each. That’s just the early portion of the decision process, there are 880 searches a month for ObGyn near me 2,400 for ObGyn indicating someone wanting to schedule an appointment now.  By being there at every step of the decision process you get the first call.

We have years of experience in ObGyn SEO. We understand the specific needs of your practice, what you can and can not do in marketing your practice. For example its vitally important to monitor your Google my business listing for people posting photos. Google allows this for some reason so you need to watch and make sure there are no photos that include a patient at your practice. We have seen it happen several times and been able to get the photos taken down since it would be a violation of those patients medical privacy. In order to rank we build out citations (name address phone number listings in the top directories) as well as structured data being built into your website. We do extensive keyword research to see what is being searched and continue to do that research as search patterns change over time. Find out what we can do to help you grow your practice. Here is a link to the keyword research we did for this page showing how many searches a month there are in the Indianapolis metro area for ObGyn keywords. This was basic searches and we would narrow this down more for a campaign but it should give you an idea of just how many searches there are each month.

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